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general questions about activity in a conditioning tank and carbonation

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  • general questions about activity in a conditioning tank and carbonation

    referring to industrially brewery conditioned beer in secondary tanks that is force carbonated (and NOT krausened or primed while in the secondary tanks)

    01) Is the secondary (conditioning) tank ALWAYS pressurized even if the beer will be force carbonated in BBTs later after filtration/centrifuging? If not pressurized i assume CO2 saturation continues or it is already fully saturated from the primary fermentation? Does pressurized mean merely sealing the tanks air-tight or the actual application of external pressure on the contents of the tank. [I use the term 'saturation' as the CO2 that is absorbed into the beer WITHOUT any externally applied pressure].

    02) What volume of CO2 would get saturated in the beer (without pressurizing)? I guess this probably depends on the temperature of conditioning

    03) In the case of nitrogenated beers they say it is like 70/30 N2/CO2 . Does this mean they spund/stone with a CO2 and N2 mixture or is it that CO2 is already saturated in the beer during primary and secondary to around 30% and pre N2 is dissolved as the remaining 70% component

    04) Once pressure is applied to dissolve CO2 does t mean that all further/future processes and operations must be done isobarrically ?

    05) In general, is the conditioning temperature of lager style beers lower than their fermenting temperatures or the same? What about ales?

    Thank you

    These answers are required for theoretical purpose of teaching conditioning and beyond which i understand have several regimes and are quite personalized to each brewery

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    1) We don't use secondary fermentation tanks.
    2) I'm going to say virtually non
    3) Nitrogen doesn't dissolve into beer. So in general only CO2 is used for carbonating, and the beergas mixture (70/30) is used for dispensing.
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