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    I am presently on a years internship in New York. However, as well as the internship I have to undertake a business class in order to obtain my international business certificate validated by Cambridge.

    As part of the process I need to set up a hypothetical business and so I have chosen a topic close to my heart - a brewery. However, I know nothing of brewing, which poses a huge problem as I shall be presenting my business proposal in front of 100 elite New York business men in less than a month. Incidently, these business men have adopted our proposals in the past - and hope to again!

    WHAT I NEED !!

    I was therefore, hoping that anyone might offer me some advice, on what I need to do in order to set up a brewery. In particular;
    - what equiptment do I need
    - What legal requirements would I need to meet in the NY state
    - What do I need to look for in a location
    - How many employees do I need
    - Would I be best to buy my Malt processed or should I do the malting in house ?


    All advice is greatly appreciated



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    A few parameters would help narrow things down:

    Are you interested in a brewpub or strictly a package plant that would bottle/keg and sell off-site?

    If a package plant; how big? What scope of geography would you consider selling to; locally, regionally, beyond?

    If a brewpub; what kind of restaurant, what kind of clientele (high end, pub atmosphere, urban)?

    What is your source (or hypothetical source) of funding and how much would that be?

    What style of beers? British ales, German Lagers, something else?

    What is your marketing plan/niche?

    I always hate to answer a question with a question, but answering these in your mind first will make it easier to answer your more detailed questions.

    Good Luck!


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      Dear Mr. Admin,

      Thank you so much for your reply. The questions that you have asked are along the lines of what I am thinking. However, thinking is the key word as at present as I am very open to suggestions.

      In response to your questions, I ideally would like to develop,

      - A package plant that would sell of-site. However, I was thinking that I could sub-contract bottling and distribution

      - The plant would initially supply New York State, but in years to come serve a much larger catchment area.

      - The beer would be a strong British Ale, marketing plan would be to develop a Scottish theme. Being in America I have thought about producing a healthy beer, but to be honest I can’t stand the taste… Are there any other new trendy beers that are hitting the market? Would a good beer with an expensive marketing plan be sufficient enough – surely, that is all Stella and Fosters are …

      -Source of income is hypothetical and unlimited as long as I can justify the expenses!

      I believe that this answers the questions. Any further help would be greatly appreciated. Or simply some contacts…
      At the moment I am looking for
      -Maltsters near New York,
      -Names of bottling companies that we could sub-contract to,
      -Distribution companies that can deliver our product
      -Who would I contact for information on Water costs?
      -Who could advise me on the cost of equiptment?

      All help again is greatly appreciated,

      Many thanks,



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        I have a business plan for a microbrewery that may be of help to you. It is a confidential report, but I would be willing to give it to you seeing that you are on the other side of the country. There are two books that you should purchase for some extra help. One is the BRB or Brewers Resource Directory and the other is The Brewery Planner. Both of these books are from Brewers Publications and are available from the Association of Brewers. I would recommend the Brewery Planner over the BRB.

        One question to consider is:

        What will set your brewing companies product apart from the compitition? What is your strategic planning?

        It is important to be unique in this segment, remember craft brewing is no longer a novel idea!!

        Hope I can help you further.

        Todd Malloy
        Director of Brewing
        Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co.
        Glenwood Springs, Colorado


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          Help needed

          Another great book you can purchase from the American Brewers Guild called How TO Open A Brew Pub Or Microbrewery. This book is a great book it actually comes in a 3 ring binder and has mock business plans in it. This is one of the best resources I have seen and was able to aquier from a brew pub that went under. I do think the book is kind of pricey though. I Have a business plan I put together a few years ago, I would be happy to send to you as well. Mike
          Mike Hall


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            Dear Todd, Mike and Tom,

            Thank you all so much for your help. The business plans would be absolutely brilliant, as I am sure they will encompass a number of issues that I am totally neglecting at the moment.

            My address is 11th Floor, 101 Park Avenue, NY 10178.
            email -

            I totally realize the concept of finding a niche in the market, differentiating my product from say Joe Bloggs. Certainly these low Calorie/ low Carb beers appear to be all the rage in the States at the moment, for example Michelob’s new beer.

            Consequently I thought about one of these – but to be honest I am not a great fan of them, and think that my target market (young professionals/ Students with high disposable income) would appreciate something different.

            In the states I have noticed that people love Guinness (and so they should). However, the problem with Guiness is that it is not a great after work/ before going out drink… three or four pints you’re full. Therefore, I thought about a lighter version – i.e. something along the lines of a Caffreys ‘s… what do you think ??

            Guys, Thank you all so much for your help - as you can probably tell I really need it !!

            Many thanks,