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    I want to discuss about the yeast health.We know that how important is the yeast health for making lovely beers? Ok,I only understand the good health of yeast means that it is free from any contamination and we get number of dublings are more than 3.5 to 4 after completion of fermentation.
    The quality of yeast is depends on the stored energy which is in the form of glycogen present in the yeast cell.In other words we say that the quantity of glycogen is directly proportional to the health of I want to find out some quantitative analysis procedure for glycogen which have direct contact with yeast health.I know one technique which is used for determination of glycogen by spectrophotometrically but it is so expensive.Please suggest me some other qualitative techniques for determination for glycogen(yeast health).

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    Yeast glycogen assesment

    A simple indication of yeast glycogen content can be obtained by staining with Lugols Iodine (5% (wt/v) iodine
    and 10% (wt/v) potassium iodide (KI) mixed in distilled water).
    Yeast rich in glycogen stain a deep brown whereas yeast depleted in glycogen stain pale yellow

    Handbook of Brewing edited by William Hardwick would be a useful reference for you.

    Dr Paul Farnsworth


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      Yeast health

      Thanks a lot Dr Paul Farnsworth for your help.Your reply is very helpful for me.