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  • fun with welding

    Ok here is the scenario.
    7.5bbl "forced air" boil kettle. Where the flame blows across the bottom and up the far side, out the exhaust. This burner has a BTU range of 200K and 300K currently set at 225K. the problem is that we own 10bbl fermenters, so the are never filled to their capacity. The current kettle is 45" in dia and we fill about 43" in to the kettle to yield 7.5bbl.

    I want to cut the top off the kettle and weld a 15-16" band onto it increasing the capacity to 10bbl. Anyone see this as being a problem with my current BTU setup, and is there going to be a boilover problem with the height of the boil being larger than the diameter?

    Anyone out there have a 10bbl kettle they want to sell/trade?

    Cheers to beers

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    Separated at birth?

    I've got the exact opposite problem here: a 10BBL brew house and two 7.5bbl fermenters...and to make the math even better, a 15bbl fermenter too - apparently for double-small-batching.

    I'm not sure who has it worse, but I'd be up for some tank swapping on the cold side of the room...but I could see why you might not be.

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      If you are increasing the volume of the kettle by half again, is there enough heat transfer into the wort to heat that much more? If you can't blow wort out the door with 7 barrels, it may not boil for "nuts" with 10 bbl. Upping the gas flow may not do it if there is not enough "kettle to fire" contact square footage- it will just dangerously overheat the flue. Kettle swap sounds pretty good!


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        Sent you a private message a while back.