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Bottle Conditioning - Barrel Aged Beers

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  • Bottle Conditioning - Barrel Aged Beers

    We are busy experimenting with barrel aged beers.

    At the moment all our beers are bottle conditioned. For normal beers we have the carbonation pretty much figured out.
    Most of the beer going into barrels are quite high ABV beers so the yeast is probably not very viable by the time we get to bottling; and due to the time in the barrels I suspect all the yeast drops out.

    My questions are:
    What is the correct procedure to follow when you want to bottle condition barrel aged beers?
    How much priming sugar and yeast do you have to add prior to bottling?

    Thanks in advance for advice.


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    We've had some success with bottle conditioning barrel aged stuff. We got our info for bottle conditioning from Alaska brewing co. They told us 650g of sugar per barrel. It's always worked out.

    We transfer the barrel beer back into a fermenter, stir up the yeast and sugar. And wait. The 7% and up beers don't condition in 2 weeks. It has taken as long as 2 months. Why not just transfer back into a ferm and carb up using a stone? It's easier, faster and more precise.

    Got any questions? Call. Derrick 314-651-0936


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      Thanks Derrick. Will be in contact if we get stuck.

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