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Yeast suspension in Hefe Weizen

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  • Yeast suspension in Hefe Weizen

    We want our Hefe Weizen at our brewery to have a very cloudy thick appearance with lots of yeast left in suspension---like most of the best German Hefes. That being said, we are having problems with the beer clearing up after a week. What can we do to maximize yeast suspension? Thank you for your responses.

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    Two things, yeast floculation is genetic so, changing the strain that you are using may help out. Also, much of the haze that charicterizes a Hefe is the added protein from using wheat. So, the lack of haze may be a formulation problem.


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      Not to say you are doing this but I have seen in the past where brewers use Kettle Finings which will drop the yeast. Kettle Finings should not be used for this style of beer.
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        Not sure if you are serving out of serving vessels or kegs - I know of one NY brewery that stores and ships their hefeweizen kegs upside down, with instructions to invert the keg only at tapping. That way, the yeast is agitated right before tapping, and hopefully the beer is consumed before it can settle out again.
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          re:Yeast suspension in Hefe Weizen

          The suggestions of don't add kettle finings is great. You may tend to forget this as you become so used to routine. I almost forgot this the other day when brewing a Wit. Is there such a style as Kristall-Belg-Wit?

          I posted a question regarding a wyeast product called Tanal SA a while back. It's a gallotannin that's supposed to adhere to the yeast & help keep it from settling out. It's added post fermentation.
          That said, I got some from the wyeast guys, but have yet to use it. I will be shortly, though... I'll keep you posted.

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            Thank you everyone for your ideas. We serve out of bright tanks and keg for off site sales. The way I figure it, we should keg what we need as soon as we transfer the Hefe to the bright tank, while the yeast is still in suspension--- in order to get it into the keg. Then store upside down. Make sense? We also plan to increase the percentage of wheat to 50%. Hopefully this does the trick, but I would be very interested in hearing how the gallotine from Wyeast works. Thanks again.