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  • American Pilsner question

    Brewed my first American Pilsner last month before all of the covid lock downs took place. It's had plenty of time to lager but unfortunately my Brewery had a power surge & my glycol unit reset allowing the beer to raise from 38 degrees to 60 degrees. I've reset everything the beer tastes fine with a nice grainy tone but very little to no hop aroma that I was hoping for. I used Chinook, cascade & centennial during the brewing process. It does finish with a slight tinge of bitter note that I can't put my finger on. I'm hoping that drops off with proper cold crashing.

    I personally think a nice hop note would be great but I'm curious what you all think?

    My question is should I dry hop now to try and bring back the hop aroma just so slightly? Or let it be? It's currently in my Brite tank resting & looks/smells incredible but they're is no hop aroma. Typically I don't dry hop on the cold side but what do you all recommend?


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    I have 3 offerings lagering right now, with Mt Hood, Tettnanger and Willamette hops. Did not see the need to go for any aroma just letting the malt flavors be the focus. If I want a Lager, it's to crush 5 or 6 while doing yard work or eating a fish taco.
    Your choice of Cascade was good. the other two I would have eliminated.
    Excited to see all the lagers that come out of this Virus Thingy.


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      Unfortunately I don't have any of those hops in my inventory that you mentioned. The amount that I use was so very little on those apps. They definitely do not shine through. I'll probably be back in the brewery on Monday and I'll test it then. I let it sit in the bright tank since Friday with no CO2 on it just to continue lagering for a couple of days. Wanted to get an idea of what I might do to it. If I did dry up it with anything it would probably be a very small amount of Cascade hops but I also don't want to create haze in the beer right now it is really super clear


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        Personally I don't like a big hop note in a pilsner but I know hops are where it's at these days. My personal feeling is Every beer style is over hopped. Maybe I'll just Release it like a classic style
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