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Cartridge Filter while Carbonated

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  • Cartridge Filter while Carbonated

    We're looking at purchasing a cartridge filter to go between the unitank and packaging just to give a final polish and for QC.

    Is anyone doing this currently? The beer would be filtered while it is carbonated. But the filter would also be under pressure.

    I'm very familiar with filters (cider making background). But I haven't done much in the filteration for beer.

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    Yes I have done this with lenticular filtration many times. It is quite simple. You need to consider the pressure balance of your transfer, meaning you can either balance tanks with an "umbilical" hose (CIP to CIP) and use a pump, or you can transfer one direction with pressure and "counter-pressure" fill the recipient vessel.


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      I missed the part about the Uni-tank to packaging. This is not ideal as you may experience flow rate issues, temperature issues, and differential pressure issues.

      You would ideally move Uni-tank to filter (+optional polish filter) to BBT, and package from there. You could potentially use a smaller buffer vessel in process, but it unless you already have pre-filtered or fined, you are likely to experience much frustration. My suggestion would be to filter into an open Uni-tank, re-affirm carbonation, and package the following day.


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        Thank you very much for the information. I'm not terribly worried about flow rate. We have a very manual canning system that runs 3-4 cans per minute (5bbl brewery)

        I definitely think your suggestion is the best way and it will likely be the SOP, more so in a bind right now and am trying to unscrew myself without dumping a batch