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Maximize CO2 before can bursts

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  • Maximize CO2 before can bursts

    I was hoping you all could help me with a problem I'm having. I have a small soda company and have just begun pasteurizing cans. As you can guess we've had some cans pop on us! I believe the can max recommendations are 90 psig (6.2 bar). I guess my simplest question is what formula do I use to figure the max Vol of CO2 I can put in a product and pasteurize at 140 degrees and stay below 90 psig or 6.2 bar?

    I'm filling at approximately 36 degrees if that is needed to figure into the equation. Really would appreciate any help!

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    Consider the amount of headspace in your cans. Gasses can compress but liquids cannot and when heated will expand, which will raise pressure in the headspace. If you have more headspace, there is more compressible gas that can "absorb" the expansion of the liquid.