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Bottle conditioning without a mixing tank

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  • Bottle conditioning without a mixing tank

    Hi everybody,

    I know it is strange title and I want to explain my current situation. My counter-pressure bottle filler died last week (electrical fire) and the investment to repair it (or worse to buy a new one) will be quite high (the quote is coming but the service man already warned me…). Due to the Corona crisis, my free cashflow is quite reduced but the demand is still there; I have to deliver. I have an old bottle filler in the basement which I could reactivate. The problem is that I do not have a mixing tank anymore since I bought the “fermentation under pressure equipment”. Is it possible to use my unitanks as FV and mixing tanks?
    1. Ferment without pressure
    2. Cool the FV
    3. Dump yeast/trub
    4. Add priming sugar
    5. Mix (How? With a pump? Gentle add CO2 through the racking arm/bottom valve, …?)
    6. Fill bottles
    I know that the carbonation would not be accurate but I need a very short term solution as I have my three 600L unitanks which are currently full of beer and no free tank for transfer…except if I would dump one batch…

    Many thanks for your helps,