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Bolts break on mash rakes

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  • Bolts break on mash rakes

    So I have a question. In most of our beers we use a lot of flaked wheat, and we end up with a grain brick at the end of transfer to kettle. We have a 20 bbl A.B.E. system and it's a decent system to use, but when I go to break up the mash after transfer we have broken heads off bolts that hold together the rake blades. Is this a normal dilemma with a wheat heavy mash? Finally found a good way to extract bolts. I'll take a dremel and file in straight lines and use a flat head screw driver to extract the threads. But if there is a clever way to avoid all of this, I would love to hear it!

    thank you

    Jeremy S

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    Definitely not normal. Bolts should never break. Ever. Motor overload relay should protect the motor. If that fails, the circuit breaker should protect the motor. If that fails, the motor should stall before any structural damage is done. Sounds like you need to speak with manufacturer. Check that the motor nameplate is consistent with setting on the overload relay.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      Call ABE tech support. They will have an answer for you.


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        Jeremy, Kevin will reach out shortly, or you can reach us anytime at 402-475-2337.