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Mixing beer in the tank

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  • Mixing beer in the tank

    I've used an alcohol based extract into a beer. I've added it from the top port at 20C (68F). I've tried to mix the beer a couple of time blasting CO2 from the bottom port. After 1 week I've cold crashed the beer hoping in some convection to better mix the beer.
    The problem is that most of the extract is still on the top part of the tank.
    Unfortunately, moving the beer to another tank is not an option this time.

    Do you have any tip about how to mix this beer? The beer is now around 10C (50F).

    Thank you for helping

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    Maybe being Captain Obvious here, but do you have a pump that you can use? Just pump it from the racking arm into the bottom port. Or if you don't have racking arm, but have two bottom ports, pumping you beer around through those two will do the trick too.

    Also, feels to me like there'd be more mixing and less chance of stratification at a higher temperature, but I might be wrong there.