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    Does anyone have recommendations for a good chemical supplier? We're getting our spec soon and I need to make an order of reagents and standards. I've always worked at large labs that have this set up already. This is my first time trying to find my own - and on a much smaller scale. I've additionally not done this in a brewery laboratory setting, so I'm wondering if there are reliable, affordable suppliers that y'all like.

    Thanks so much,
    Cheers from Montana.

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    Dear Maaderine,

    we are a supplier for the cleaning and sanitation chemicals with our main focus on the brewing industry. I can see you are looking for specific chemicals for your spec. One way is to check with the spec supplier what type of chemicals and vendors they are recommending. There are a number of suppliers out there for lab chemicals: VWR International, Sigma Aldrich, Merck Group. Meanwhile Merck acquired Sigma Aldrich and Millipore.
    Hope this was helpful.
    Zee Loeffler
    888-484-6248 (US & Canada only)