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Dry hopping during active fermentation

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  • Dry hopping during active fermentation


    I use unitanks for fermentation and carbonation. I dont have a carbonation stone, just set high head pressure to speed up carbonation and when is done ( one week) then set the pressure according to the beer temp and carbonation level.

    So the idea is to dry hop during end of active fermentation (third day) and leave for another day at atmospheric pressure to scrub out all oxygen and then close the prv. After four days of dry hop i would do a cold crash for three days, dump yeast and hops and leave beer another week at 2 Bar to fully carbonate at 36F / 2C. Is there a problem to leave remaining hops for one to two weeks ad such cold temperatures?
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    I am curious, what is the reason for running such a slow process? If these are ale style fermentations, it is likely most of the active fermentation is done in 3-days and you may not be generating enough CO2 to ‘flush out’ the O2 you introduce while dry hopping.
    Leaving the hops in the beer won't necessarily mean better utilization of the hop oils. On the other hand, the risk of extracting off-flavors and staling of hop oils may be increasing. We have come a long way past the middle ages, and while nods to tradition should be appreciated, modern methods of brewing have indeed come into practice because of pretty sound science.
    I am not sure what scale your processes are, but for example with our xFlow technology, there is no need to spend hours, let alone days to achieve consistently perfect carbonation. More information about the xFlow Systems here;

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