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NON Alcholic Beer- how to make it on a 20 bbl system.

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  • NON Alcholic Beer- how to make it on a 20 bbl system.

    With the sober curious craze and the trend towards being leaner and more athletic we are curious about brewing a non alcoholic beer. My thoughts are to use distillation techniques to evaporate the alcohol out of fermented beer with a slow rise in the boil kettle from 112 to 175 degrees F. Letting the steam escape up the stack and to atmosphere. I am concerned however that this will distort the hop flavor and aroma, as a force diacytl test does when you heat beer to 148 and let it cool down again. HAs anyone tried this what were your results.

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    Have a chat with Lallemand UK. They did a webcast for the IBD Great Northern Section recently. My expectations are that they will say go for a low alcohol beer rather than an alcohol free one as it will be more consistent and taste better. They did give examples of UK breweries (whose names I didn't write down) producing LABs - so you might be able to get some comments from them


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      It is possible through Limited Fermentation.


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        Hi, Caroline from Lallemand here. I’m happy to connect you with a rep for answers if you want to shoot me an email
        We have a best practice we can share as well

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