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Anyone here flash pasteurizes hard cider?

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  • Anyone here flash pasteurizes hard cider?

    Hi all
    Just started brewing semi sweet hard apple cider.
    I have an online flash pasteurizer and was wondering if there is a rule of thumb for how many PU's to aim for.
    My cider is 5% ABV, not filtered.
    ingredients are : 100% apple juice (the juice is bought pasteurized) and beer ale yeast.

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    If it is not filtered, then you will need hundreds of PUs. Filtered beer, to almost, but not sterile standards, say 1 yeast cell per litre - typically around 15 to 25 PU. I know one company's cider, filtered to a similar or better standard (cross flow filtration, not KG or equivalent) is around 100 PU. So my guess is you are looking at thousands of PUs if it is unfiltered, due not just to the yeast loading, but also to the protective nature of the unfiltered solids which help protect the yeast (and probably a few bacteria as well).
    This level of heat treatment is likely to cause serious fouling of the passie surfaces, so effective cleaning and sterilisation is critical.