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HELP! Stuck Fermentation - Amylo 300 Question

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  • Fausto Yu-Shan
    Is possible to use the Amylo 300 (Amyloglucosidase enzyme), the enzyme will break down the available sugars and the dextrins converting them into fermentables, this will increase the attenuation as in a Brut beer style, the FG can be below 0 degree Plato.

    If the goal is to reach a 4 Plato Final Gravity I would suggest pitching another yeast strain as French Saison 3711 (classified Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus) or Extreme Fermentation 4347 which you can control by lowering the temperature.

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  • fatheadsbrewer
    started a topic HELP! Stuck Fermentation - Amylo 300 Question

    HELP! Stuck Fermentation - Amylo 300 Question

    18 bbl. of OG 21P Belgian stalled out at 6.3P needs to get down closer to 4P.

    added heat and tried injecting some fresh yeast but with nothing really working.

    thinking lower pitch rate and large amount of unfermentables are the issue.

    i have some Amylo 300 to introduce, (non-packaged product). it was recommended that i dose 45mL (1mL per bbl per 1P drop).

    anyone with experience have an opinion on this?

    how long does it take the enzyme to start working? its been a few days and haven't seen a drop.

    would there be anything preventing this enzyme to work? my understanding is it works off of dextrins which there should be plenty of.

    can't afford to loose this batch, any insight is appreciated.