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Small cartridge carbon filter for seltzer - any advice?

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  • Small cartridge carbon filter for seltzer - any advice?

    Hi folks-

    I have been working on a modest seltzer program in a brewpub setting. Between talking to folks and the Chris Colby book, I have nailed down a recipe for base seltzer. I have been "brewing" up about 6bbl, fermenting it out, then transferring to a brite where I carbonate the base. From that point, I have been filling kegs and experimenting with different flavors and levels of back-sweetening.

    I would like to clean up the base seltzer a bit, though- primarily to strip a bit of color and the slight sulfur notes I've been getting. I am considering purchasing a small 10" cartridge filter housing with an activated carbon insert and running the base through it as I transfer to the brite.

    Has anyone tried this, or would anyone care to offer advice? The seltzer is just a tiny fraction of our sales as we primarily make it to offer an option to non-beer drinkers or customers with gluten issues. I do not have a big budget to work with and hope that this may be an effective option at my scale.

    Thanks and cheers - Mike

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    I've been making 8bbl batches. I bought a Bon Vino super jet 6 plate and .5 micron pads from MoreBeer. I push from the fermenter thru 10" cartridge filters, 1st 2micron to 1micron and then thru the plate filter. I use 1 of each cartridge filter and 56 filter pads per batch into a bright tank. In total takes about 3 hours. Its a pain changing out the pads but it works.