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Carbonation stone in unitank positoning

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  • Carbonation stone in unitank positoning

    Hi All i want to supply bottled beer to my local market, i have 2 unitanks and the carbstone is half way up the tank does this carbonate all the beer in the tank please as i want to supply a consistant product?

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    Your tank wasn't designed properly for carbonation. Normally the stone is as low as possible in the tank. Depending on how well your BBT cools, I would start with beer at 6C and carbonate hard while I cool the tank hard to 2C. The combination of carbonation and cooling should help roll the tank contents and provide a consistent product. Also good to keep the carbonated beer at least a few days to be sure.

    If I'm sure about perfect equipment, I might run a carbonation loop with external stone. But it's sure to raise DO levels and it takes some skill/practice to do it right, so not a go-to solution.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      Hi Philip thank you very much for this, it makes absolute sense to me as Co2 rises. i do have a decent chiller attached so i will try Carbonating as you suggest. Would you know how i could go about fining my beer, i do have 2 tanks so i potentially could bottom fill the clean tank with the fermented beer into auxilliary finings let it settle and then transfer it back into the original tank through isiinglass finings. Alternatively i could pressure feed it through the spray ball whilst keeping the overpressure constant or i could release the pressure off open the top dose my finings and then seal again however i dont want to lose the natural carbontation if i can help it?

      Many thanks Phillip
      im making my timithy taylor landlord Chlone to start offering my locals

      Thank you very much
      warm regards


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    DON'T push your beer through the sprayball. If you are doing a TT clone, the hops will block the SB apart from anything else. Tank to tank transfers work well, but I have sent you a PM and my email address, so happy to discuss further.


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      On our Unitanks the carb stone port is at the same height as the sample port located just above the cone, on the flat sidewall. We've never had a problem carbonating in them and kegging through the racking arm. On some older tanks I've seen the port in the cone, and when inserted it faces up, diagonally, thus perpendicular to the angle of the cone.