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  • pH Sample from the Mash

    I would like input as to when/how other breweries take their pH samples from the mash tun. On a few of our most recent batches, I would pull a sample directly from the mash tun (after 15 minutes rest) using a stainless "dipper" from the manway since there is no other method to collect wort. I then pulled a second sample during vorlauf from our sample port in the vorlauf arm and noticed the readings were quite a bit different from one another. Here is an example from a beer brewed this morning:

    Mash Tun (after 15 rest): 5.71
    Vorlauf: 5.46

    The pH meter was recently calibrated and all samples were cooled to 20C.

    After the sample was taken from the mash tun, I would decant off of any grain that may have been collected.
    I'd appreciate any help.


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    When we pull our first runnings sample a few minutes into the lauter is when we check our mash pH, it's been that way in the three breweries I've worked at in 11 years and do it that way at my own now. I hope it's the most accurate


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      Thanks! That helps so much.


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        It may be that the calcium phosphate reaction that drops the pH takes place over time, thus later pH samples will measure lower until it hits an equilibrium.


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          We take a sample right after mashing starts, then we take a sample from the mash out. Next ph sample is during first runnings during lautering and later at last runnings. The decrease you see is normal.
          I would also suggest to lower your target ph when you start mashing.