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clear seltzer base making

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  • clear seltzer base making

    so , we are trying to ferment dextrose with s-04 (fermentis) to get clean and clear seltzer base.
    we centrifuge and filter it through carbon .
    the fermentation is grate but we have a problem with the nutrients coloring. we use "seltzermax" in to the whirlpool and the liquid turns to yellow/brownish color which doesn't come off after filtration .

    would love a recommendation for a good way or even other nutrients to get crystal clear base

    thanks a lot!

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    Not having used this stuff, and so not knowing the ingredients, it sounds as though there is some nitrogenous material in the nutrients (there are - I checked since I wrote the bulk of this) which are undergoing a Maillard reaction with some of the sugars in the whirlpool, producing caramels which of course are coloured. If you added the nutrients later, when cold, then if my suspicion is correct, you will no longer get these reactions, and keep the colour free solution you are after.


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      Might be worth trying activated charcoal to take out the colour. i.e. throw some in and give it some contact time. (with rousing)
      (a wood-based GAC ?)

      The contact time on a carbon filter is pretty short - and I gather some charcoals are better than others for colour removal.
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        We had similar issues and switched to using TY Pure yeast from BSG with the yeast nutrient built in. It ferments great, takes a little extra time to make deaerated water the day of the brew to prop the yeast but otherwise the results have been phenomenal. Crystal clear, good wine-like characteristics on the back end and seems to really scrub the sulfur out. We carb to about 2.7 and ferment for 4ish days at 69 degrees. It will show terminal, sub 0 plato readings on your standard hydrometer 2-3 days in but give it an extra 24 hours at least. We ferment in Uni-tanks, crash, dump and then add whatever adjuncts we are flavoring with and carb it in the fermenter to save time. Allagash and Stone are both doing studies, I believe, about seltzer yeast and how a regular CIP breaks down the yeast. If possible designate a seltzer tank and hoses, etc. The yeast seems to behave like its STA+


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          Thanks guys !
          we did tried it all with no success…
          I do insist using our 04 strain, really don’t want to take any chances.
          So I still look for non colored nutrients …


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            Lutra, Seltzer propper from Omega, table sugar, cheap canister charcoal filter. Works every time