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Question for NYS Farm Breweries

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  • Question for NYS Farm Breweries

    We're in the process of switching from a Restaurant Brewer license to a dual Farm/Microbrewery license. Obviously this will require significantly increasing the quantity of NYS ingredients we're using. I've noticed, however, that many farm breweries have a similar flavor on the finish that I'm not a fan of; I have a difficult time describing it, but it's sort of this grassy twang that I don't really care for. Not all farm breweries have it (quite to the contrary, I've had a lot of great NYS farm brewery beer), but a significant enough percentage do such that my working hypothesis is that it's from NYS malt.

    So, my questions for those of you with much more experience than I with NYS ingredients:
    1. Do you have any more insight into what it is I'm tasting/what its source is?
    2. How can this flavor be minimized?
    3. Possibly related to (2), do you have suggestions for high-quality NYS malt and hop providers?
    Any insight anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!