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Mash hopping and thiol production

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  • Mash hopping and thiol production

    I'm seeing a lot of info about thiols and mash hopping, but I'm not seeing anything about mash hopping rates. I know that mash hopping favors thiol precursors, particularly 3MH. But how do I know what amount of hops to use? I know utilization is very low as far as bitterness is concerned, but what about thiol production? I realize that this varies per varietal. I'm planning on using both Cascade and Simcoe, which seem to be very high in precursors (per BA discussion found here:

    As it happens, the beer I am brewing, which I have brewed several times, is high in both Cascade and Simcoe additions. I've never looked at this recipe through the lens of thiol precursors, though. How much of the boil additions should I move to mash? What should I expect here? This is terra incognita.

    Does anyone have any info, anecdotal or otherwise, as to how to formulate mash hop additions with this in mind? Or do I get to be the guinea pig?