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    We just started brewing with Cryo. We are trying to bring to the market a permanent beer and we just don’t get as much hop aroma and punch.

    Our IPA is 6.9 ABV
    OG 15.5 *P
    FG 2.8 *P

    Grain bill
    Pale malt ~90%
    Carared ~5%
    Melanoiden ~5%

    Hop schedule for 20 BBL
    Simcoe - 5.5 lbs (boil for 10 min)
    Cryo simcoe at WP (at ~180F) 5.5 lbs
    DH with Cryo simcoe 11 lbs + Cryo Amarillo 11 lbs

    We have been playing around with Cryo DH. We originally did :
    - reach FG and VDK ok
    - drop to 55 F
    - next day clear the cone + DH
    - following day clear the cone + crash temp to 32F
    - clear the cone for 2 more days
    - carb
    - package

    We are now trying to DH at ~5.5 *P and close off the vent valve. After VDK passes and get stable FG, we drop temp to 32, adjust co2 and package. Contact time is longer and we fear polyphenol off flavor. But less risks of O2 pick up (…)

    With both methods we find the result to be underwhelming. We don’t get as much hop. We have DO reading at 50 ppb max before packaging.

    We use Cryo at 50% of the T90 usage (recommended by YCH).

    What’s your experience with Cryo ?
    Do we have too much hop? Not enough?
    Should we move more hope to WP?

    Any feedback or comments would be appreciated.



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    I've been getting good results with your original method. Only thing I do different is I keep the DH in for 2-3 days and I'll rouse the tank with CO2 from the bottom couple of times a day.

    Do you rouse your tank? If not, the hops will sink to the bottom pretty fast, that might be why the aroma isn't popping.



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      We don’t. We can give it a try. Thanks!

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