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Hazy flavor and aromas

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  • Hazy flavor and aromas

    I'm beginning to put a hazy or two on tap. I started with a small batch (for me) 2.5 barrel.
    no hops addition to begin with. three pounds at flame out.
    three pounds when temp dropped to 170 and
    three pounds dry hop when fermentation almost finished.

    Not very hoppy. almost no hop aroma and very little citrus/juicy flavors.
    used a combo of Cashmere, Citra, Eldorado and galaxy.
    Any ideas on how to make a a hazy with more hop flavor? I could add more hops but.....

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    I think the reason is your wort temp is too high, because some kind of hops need to be added when the wort is about 80


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      Bump up your dry hop. You’re barely over a pound per bbl, you should be closer to 2.5-3#/bbl for a hazy. Also, what yeast strain are you fermenting with and what is your dry hopping procedure?


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        Do you use a hops pitching tank to do dry hopping?
        Try this tank because of it can help fermenter without pressure lossing when doing dry hopping.
        Hope it helps.