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Loosing hop aroma during kegging

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  • Loosing hop aroma during kegging

    In desperate need of some help. Not sure why but my last two IIPA that I brew at the pub have lost significant nose after kegging. Both have had an amazing aroma in the FV and in the BBT but as soon as they are keg they lose a significant amount of aroma. Can someone help me out understand this issue.

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    check for leaks you may have oxygen getting at your beer. just a small amount of o2 in an IPA is enough to reduce that great aroma


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      How much foam do you usually push out when kegging? There's going to be a lot of aroma in that foam. Also, I think the above statement is the best bet. Make sure there is no O2 in the keg.
      Peter Cronin
      Senior Quality Analyst
      AleSmith Brewing Company


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        We wash our kegs with a premier stainless machine. The cleaner is only 5 month old. I would hope that that it is doing its job right.
        We get a little of foam once the keg is full but we immediately close the valve. Could it be the speed that I am filling up the kegs and how open I have the blow off valve.


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          Would be possible that with the CO2 that's coming out of the keg some of the nose is escaping with it. It's unreal how big of a nose the beer has on the brite tank and immediately after a keg is full I tap it and the nose is 75% gone.