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    Does anyone have experience using Tanal A from Wyeast? Instructions say add on the way to bbt. I'm curious if it can be added to the fv during crashing? Any experience is appreciated.

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    If you want a permanent haze suspension, including yeast, why are you cold crashing it at all? That makes no sense to me. I'm assuming you're making some sort of wheat beer, yes? Hefe? Wit?


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      In hefe, yes

      I use Tanal A per the label instructions in my hefe. Works well but it does not last forever - hefe should be served fresh and Tanal A does not change that. Even with Tanal A and fresh hefe the last glass in the keg tends to be clear...

      That being said I add it to the brite during transfer. I can't image why I'd want to add it to the FV? Is there a specific reason?

      Edit: like finings, the activity of forced carbonation in the brite helps to mix the Tanal A into solution.
      John Bleichert
      Water Street Brewing Co.
      Binghamton, NY