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  • Shandy Question

    Never made one before but interested in blending one just to be available in our taproom. This question is for anybody who has experience in kegging shandy. My biggest question is do I need to do anything to the beer besides filtering it and then blending if I am only going to serve out of a keg in our taproom? Also, would filling the brite tank with about half of the non-alcoholic part first, then transferring the beer over (filling from the bottom) be good enough to keep the mixture combined?

    Not sure if I wanted to create a recipe yet, just wanted to know the general procedures first. Thanks!
    JoBoy's Brewpub

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    Not answering your question but adding my experience:
    We use lemonade for shandies. We have a separate faucet and blend at the tap. Advantages: doesnt tie up another tank or kegs (other than the lemonade one, I use a couple of corny kegs), never run out of either base beer or shandy (but can run out of both. But never run out of one and have an excess of the other), one less thing to have to inventory/prepare/fill/clean/stack..., we always have lemonade on tap for kids/non drinkers.
    Disadvantage: have to explain what we are doing to any first timers.

    We also can shandy any other beer. Big IPA with a splash of lemonade or our ginger beer with a touch of lemon is seriously good. And a pint of cold lemonade on a hot summer brewday hits the spot.


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      Ya, I have to agree, don't pre-mix. The added sugar water isn't very good for kegs or sanitation. Also: using a lemon-lime soda like Sprite, even when homemade, makes for a bad Shandy. Try for a German-like Radler - with Lemonade. And in that case, it doesn't need to be carbonated. That's how they do it in Germany: pitchers of lemonade that are poured into the beer and then stirred. The resulting carbonation isn't as high, but I find it doesn't need to be.