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Yeast Attenutation/Fermentation Vessel Question

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  • Yeast Attenutation/Fermentation Vessel Question

    Have been using 1318 for quite some time now with a few hiccups in attenuation as of late. Can't seem to get the yeast to do it's job to completion. Have had a couple batches stuck at 5-10 pts above what it needs to get down at. Starting gravities range from 1.068-1.075. Seems to take of well only to die down after about a week. What's most puzzling is that the beer drops heavily in temperature. Fermenting around 68, it will drop down to low 60s after main fermentation phase. Thought it was maybe a glycol malfunction, but even with glycol valve off it still dropped very low. Any idea what could be the issue? Any fixes to get a beer below fermentation temp to finish up? I aerate plenty, so I don't think that's the issue. Thank you for all help.

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    The drop in temperature at the end seems a bit drastic - are your ambient temps in the brewery in the low 60's or is the temp dropping below ambient? When you reference turning off the glycol valve are you shutting off the solenoid or actually closing ball valves on all of the jackets? If it is just the solenoid that is being closed I would be highly suspicious that you have a piece of debris stuck in your solenoid valve and a bit of glycol is seeping past and continuing to cool the tank once the activity of fermentation has slowed. This premature cooling may also be the direct cause of lower attenuation with 1318.