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First barrel aged MIXED FERMENT Saison, HELP!!!

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  • gmorris
    Brett D is good for less funk and a more pineapple tropical/fruity profile. I use almost no IBU's for my barrels with Lacto and Pedo (like 5-8 ibu from a whirlpool addition). I rest the final barrel product in the Foeder or wine tank with fruit, flowers, hops, etc before bottle conditioning it. Very important to bottle condition the final product to reduce the THP. I usually add around 5-10 grams of dry Champagne yeast per 300-500 litres for the bottle conditioning.

    I mash in at 151-152 for a medium body and use a Sac for the primary fermentation like a Vermont yeast. I use the lacto/pedo and Brett D in the barrel. The brett will finish a 151-152 mash with a Vermont style yeast (Vermont finishes the beer to around 1.012-1.014) to 1.010 or so.
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  • custombrewer
    Mashing higher will allow for more residual sugars for the brett to munch on. Lacto doesn't ferment out so it doesn't matter what the SG is at the time. If you are adding lacto after primary be careful of your IBU's. Lacto is hop intolerant and if your IBU's are too high (no more than 10 IBU's) so if you are near or above that you will not get the souring you desire.

    I'd recommend looking at the Brett page on the Milk the Funk Wiki as it has some good descriptors for all the different commercially available Brett strains. That way you can pick the one that will hopefully fit the profile you are looking for.

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  • First barrel aged MIXED FERMENT Saison, HELP!!!

    Hello My fellow bug wranglers!

    I'm looking for a little direction for a mixed ferment Brett+lacto Saison.
    What's the best way to brew such beer?

    My current train of thought is to brew (75%pils,5%Munich,10%Rye,10%Wheat malt) mashed at ~150 = 1.054OG.
    Run to FV and start ferment with wyeast PC-3726 Farmhouse. once finished rack to barrels and pitch L. Brevis and a Brett strain......
    I've time to put it down for up to a year.

    How does this sound?

    My questions are:
    If I mash higher, say 152 the yeast will leave MORE complex sugars for the brett/lacto to consume. Does this mean there will be MORE brett/lacto qualities?
    Or is the main aroma and flavour we are getting from the brett not from sugar to alcohol fermentation but more rearrangement from esters etc?

    AND what strains of brett do you recommend for light funk but noticeable funk?

    Thanks in advance!