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Fruit powder in beer

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  • Fruit powder in beer

    Has anyone used fruit powder in their beers?

    Trying to source date puree, which turns out to be a little more difficult than I expected...other than buying dried dates...and processing them, which will be difficult to do with the brewery schedule and production constraints we have but I found a place in the northwest that sells fruit powder.
    The fruit powder is about 3.5% moisture, so it is shelf stable, just not sure how to process the product and incorporate it into the beer.

    If anyone has...have they added it into the kettle, late boil addition? We don't have a separate whirlpool.
    Hydrate the powder 1st with hot water to hydrate in an FV, then add wort to FV?
    Rack fermenting beer from one tank to another having the "pasteurized" date puree slurry?
    Added the powder directly into the FV during late ferment?

    Batch size is about 20 HL unitank FV's. We have ports on the top of our FV's that allow us to add product into the FV's.

    Operating in the dark on this one.
    Any advice is appreciated.


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    I've used watermelon powder a couple times with good results. I mixed it with HLT water then pushed it into the FV with a brink after fermentation was done. I believe we used about 50# in a 10bbl batch.