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Extremely High Attenuations

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  • Extremely High Attenuations

    Across 4 batches I have seen way higher than normal attenuations. 2 fermented with "chico", 1 diamond lager and 1 with a kolsch strain. All of these batches were mashed differently but all mashed pretty low 148-149 and one with a 2 step 144,158 schedule. This is normal process for us. After that I changed our process up a bit. I did not perform a mashout on any of these beers. I assumed my beers would dry out a bit with the omission of the mashout, but not to the degree that they did. The apparent attenuation on these beers now range from 88-92%. My question is do you think my process changes could yield these results or do I have a bigger problem on my hand? Maybe a var. diastaticus contamination? The beers all taste fine with no noticeable off flavors, just dryer and slightly boozier than normal.

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    Thermometer and pH meter calibrated?


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      Yes. hydrometers, ph meter, thermometers are all calibrated and tested regularly.


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        So the difference between these four beers and your standard practiced beers, is the absence of a flame-out? Sounds to me as a plausible cause for the higher attenuation, since even beta-amylase will theoretically be active up until 160F. Less optimal for sure, but keep it at that temperature long enough... Will you be brewing the same beers again? Can you do them with flame-out?