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  • nitrogenating beer?

    I've just opened a brewpub and have a line that beer is being pushed through with mixed nitrogen (~75 % Nitro, 25% Co2). What is the best way to get my beer pouring like that famous irish stout? I already have the correct "stout" faucet, but any suggestions on how to carbonate this beer, either with straight nitro, straight Co2 or a mix would be awesome. Thanks

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    Read brewers publication classic beer styles STOUT book for info. Also, there is a past issue of NEW BREWER that has a nitrogen article that is useful. I will try to track down the year/issue nummber this week. However, if you carbonate to about 1.5~1.9 volumes of Co2 and than push the product with you nitro gas mix at a higher than normal pressure you should get a good cascading head. Not sure b/c I havent done it in a while.

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      The best way we have found to nitrogenate beer in our small brewery is to nitrogenate in kegs. First we fill a keg 3/4 full, then pressurize to 40 psi. Let the keg sit for 48 hours, then push with your mixed gas through your nitro facet. Just make sure the carbonation level in the beer is pretty low or your beer won't cascade out enough. If you have high pressure serving tanks, the same could be done in the tank.


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        Call Charlie

        While nitrogenation is kegs and tanks does work...
        sort's a pain, you MUST use ASME rated tanks
        for +15psi pressure, and it's hard to keep the
        beer in equilibrium...

        my advice, buy a Cellar Stream from Charlie
        at A.C. Beverage in Annapolis MD. the unit costs
        less than the tank you need, and will give on demand
        nitro beer at the perfect level of N2.

        These bad boys rock, and they work very well with
        no fill the tank, nitro the tank, co2 the tank, check the
        tank, nitro the tank, bleed the get the idea!

        good luck
        Larry Horwitz


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 you carbonate the beer with straight co2 or do you pressurize kegs to say...30 lbs with mixed gas? I guess my question is do you force carbonate the beer like regular draft beer with carbon dioxide, or do you try to carbonate the beer like regular draft beer with the mixed gas solution. I hope this makes sense...


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            I carbonate in the tank to 1.9 vol. I then bleed the pressure off very slowly. Then I push n2 through the carb stone and take the beer up to 15 psi. Then I bleed that off very slowly. Then do it again with the n2 up to 15 psi and leave for 24 hours. Some brewers I know do this a third time, but I see little difference. Package and dispense with a 75/25 n2/co2 blend. This seems to be the best method, by far, for me.


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              Well here is how I do it for my Stout. I first carbonate the Stout with straight CO2 to 1-1.5 volumes (approx. guess) in my fermentor prior to transfer to Serving Tank. Once transferred to Serving Tank I hook up a carbonating stone to the tank with beer gas and leave at ~30-35psi for 48 Hrs. The beer is 39-42 degrees during this time. I them dispense using a beer gas blend of 75% Nitrogen 25% Carbon Dioxide at ~35psi through a "Guiness Style Faucet". My serving tank to bar beer line length is about 60 feet. I get a beautiful cascading beer pour with a creamy head after ~60 seconds of settling. Hope this helps.


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                N2- info Larry?

                Cellar Streem sounds like a cool product but how about contact info? website? manufacture? phone?
                Brewmaster, Minocqua Brewing Company
                "Your results may vary"


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                  How've you been Ted?!
                  Hope beer is well. I am at Iron Hill now...left the 'yunk about
                  a month ago.

                  Charlie's company is called A.C. Beverage and is located in
                  Annapolis MD. I'll check on a number for you. I'm telling you
                  you're gonna love this'll carbonate your beer on the
                  fly too..

                  Larry Horwitz


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                    AC Beverage is a market leader in the draft beer service industry and has been installing best-in-class systems and conducting beer line cleaning for 30+ years. Contact us 24/7.


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                      Check your messages.

                      Check your private messages for my home e-mail.

                      Trying to help.