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Anyone Experienced with mash-filter HEBS for hazy IPA production?

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  • Anyone Experienced with mash-filter HEBS for hazy IPA production?


    Looking to get some opinions from people about using a mash-filter brewing system to produce hazy NE IPA. Also, just generally curious to hear opinions on mash-filtration brewing systems and quality of malt character in the finished product.

    Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I came here specifically to ask that same exact two part question.

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      First off - I have never brewed a NE IPA. But, from what I understand of brewing this style, I can't see any reason why you can't use a mash filter instead of a trad british style mash tun, without rakes, a mash conversion vessel and lauter tun with rakes, or virtually anything else. The malt flavour comes from the malt, perhaps modified by the mashing procedure (German brewers will swear that decoction mash brewed beer tastes better than rising temperature infusion mashes - again, I'm not going to argue the point as I don't, and never have worked with a decoction system). If there were a major problem with flavour changes then the big german suppliers, e.g. Steinecker, Ziemann, etc, etc wouldn't produce both mash filters and lauter tuns, and the big brewers wouldn't get away with using different systems in different brewereis to produce the same beer, such as Bud, Heineken, Carlsberg

      So if your production volumes mean you gain financial benefits from installing a mash filter - I would say go ahead.