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Mash Efficiency for High Gravity Brews

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  • Mash Efficiency for High Gravity Brews


    I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to adjust mash efficiency for high gravity wort.
    My mash efficiency is currently 91%-93% for a fifteen barrel batch. The gravity of these batches are usually between 1.045-1.067.
    I haven't brewed anything on this system over 1.070 and was wondering if there is a way to adjust the efficiency when developing a recipe. Some people have suggested overshooting the gravity I am aiming for by 10-20%. I was just wondering if there are any other methods out there.


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    I would start off by carrying out a couple of runoff audits

    Its a hell of a lot easier if you have a refractometer than having to use hydrometers

    So, at the start of runoff of existing brews, take a note of the volume in the kettle / collection vessel, the gravity of the contents (you will obviously have to stir to get a reasonably representative sample, and the gravity of the wort from the mash tun at that time. So this is not a job you can do whilst trying to control the runoff / wash kegs etc at the same time.

    Plot them all out and you can work out how much extract you are going to have to leave in the mash tun, and thus how much more malt you will have to add to achieve your normal collected volume.

    Repeat a couple of times with a brew which uses a similar grist composition, so any effects due to say use of oats or wheat are going to be similar.