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Harvesting from NEIPA

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  • Harvesting from NEIPA

    Hello friends,

    I have only made a few NEIPAs ever. It's just not what we do at our place. We have 1 rotating IPA tap that we change up every batch (NE style, Brut, west coast, etc). My question to those with more experience is this:

    I understand that some people dry hop at approx 2-3 plato above terminal gravity. Active fermentation moves hops around tank and yields better extraction etc. But, what is your yeast harvesting protocol? My concern is harvesting and re-using yeast with hops in it from dry hopping. Assuming the yeast strain used in a NEIPA would primarily be used in other "hoppy" beers maybe it's not a problem. Just curious how others have handled it.

    I've harvested from the "middle" of the cone as best i can while avoiding as many hops at the same time and had good results, just curious. Thanks in advance.

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    We don't do active dry hopping because of our need to yeast harvest. Harvesting dry hopped beer is a bad practice that can lead to potential contamination.

    After terminal gravity and passing VDK we soft crash our NEIPAs to 55F and after ~48hrs, off of a 120BBL FV, we are able to harvest enough yeast to pitch 60BBL. It doesn't get as concentrated as our Chico strain, but with 4-5 yeast brinks we can collect enough cells.