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Finishing a stuck Saison in the bottle?

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  • Finishing a stuck Saison in the bottle?

    Hi all
    Could use some help here.
    I contracted brew a batch of Saison for a client of mine. It's winter now and the brewery gets really cold at night time, so the max temp I was able to get was around 75 for about the first 3 days of fermentation, and since then it dropped rapidly. so after 3 weeks in the fermenter, the temp dropped to 50 and It got stuck at 1.3 Plato. I say got stuck cause I took 2 gallons from the fermenter, let it go in a temp controlled kegerator set to 84 degrees, and the sample dropped down to 0.3 plato over the weekend.
    So here's my challenge : The batch is now cold crashed for about 5 days, I need to package it. I spunded the fermenter towards the end of fermentation and the Zahm says 2.0 V/V CO2
    My concern is that it will continue to ferment in the packaging (Kegs and bottles).
    So I had an idea to package it like that, at 2.0 V/V CO2, and warm up the kegs and bottles using heaters to let it continue fermentation in the bottles. I figure 1.3 now, dropping down to 0.3 should boost the CO2 up, hopefully to around 2.7 V/V.
    Does that make sense???
    Thanks alot!