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Measuring the amount of Nitrogen in beer

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  • Measuring the amount of Nitrogen in beer

    Hey all, we are about to put fill our FVs for the first time and one of those beers is going to become a nitrogenated stout.

    I've scoured through google looking for a device.. be it mobile or in line that can give me a real time measurement of dissolved nitrogen.

    I can't find anything... does anyone out there use such a device?

    Thanks for your help

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    There is not - at least not a easy to use device like a Zham S1000.
    You have to use a chart and calculate it. McDantim has one, as they make the blenders.
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      There are instruments, but they cost a fortune. Anton Paar do off line units which measure CO2 AND nitrogen, and I think Haffmans do as well. But we are talking thousands per instrument - I don't know the cost so you would have to contact your nearest rep.

      So apart from AP and possibly (probably as I'm a bit out of touch with these gizmos) in practical terms for a small micro, Ted is right - nothing cheap.