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brew day debacle!

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  • brew day debacle!

    Yesterday, my burner failed on me after the protein rest. It took close to 3.5 hours to fix. My mash temp stayed steady for this entire debacle though. After my burner was up and running, I ran the brew through and pitched yeast. So, is this batch done for after a 3.5 hr protein rest? Should I dump the yeast down the drain and move on? Obviously, I'm going to wait it out. Just wondering what thoughts were out there.

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    long rest

    If it were me, I would dump the trub off of the tank after a night of fermentation in case there is a ton of cold break. Then if your fermentation curve is comparable to other normal brews I wouldn't think there would be a problem. I had something similar happen at Redhook and I'm sure it fermented out properly but I can't say for sure if we pitched that yeast or ditched it. My guess is that it all work out same as normal. Would love to know if you run into any complications just in case it happens to me down the road. Good luck.
    Jay Stoyanoff
    Plattsburgh Brewing Co.
    Plattsburgh, NY


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      Well, I dumped off some trub this morning. Nothing really spectacular there. Fermentation is rocking and seems to be following the curve of my other beers. The reason I ask about the yeast is because unfortunately, she was a 1st generation. No real off flavors percieved just yet (I am fairly maybe I'm looking too hard). Thanks for the advice so far!


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        Assuming you used well-modified malt, I'm guessing your biggest problem will be head retention and possibly over-attenuation. Might be a good time to cheat and use a foam stabilizer.


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          Never used a foam stabilizer. What are they all about? When and where would you add that?


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            They're basically protein from seaweed or something -- I can't remember the details. I've never used one, but you would add it to your bright tank or, if possible, into the body feed of your powder filter. Brewers Supply Group sells them, as do (I'm sure) a number of brewery supply places.


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              How about blending off with a fresh batch (same product).

              Mouthfeel and head retention may be problems. On the other hand, they may not.

              If I were considering a head retention agent, I would dump the batch. Many of my customers wouldn't give a toss but some would not only care, they would freak out. So would I in their shoes. I don't have the option of using crap in my beer.


              Liam McKenna


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                I don't have the option of using crap in my beer.

                I don't think that would help anything.

                Well, The batch has been crashed and I am still not percieving any off flavors. The mouthfeel is on par with previous non 3.5 hr. protein rest brews. Head retention...TBD. I think I dodged a bullet all said and done!


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                  Just finished filtering the batch and it filtered beautifully. Topped off the carbonation just a touch and poured a pint from the bright tank. Yummy...all said and done, I can't tell a difference between this batch and the previous. Trust me, I did a side by side comparison. A little early for sure but I'm feeling quite relieved with the outcome. Cheers!


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                    How's the beer clarity on this batch compared to previous batches?
                    Ray Sherwood
                    Sherwood Brewing Company
                    Shelby Township, MI


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                      Clarity is spot on to previous batches. I took the batch for a test run last night and according to my calculations... it's delicious!


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                        Dry Beer

                        What Was The Starting Gravity And The Finish,in My Mind You Should Have A Dry Beer What Malt Did You Use?