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    I've always seen beer pumps installed in a cold room, and so I am wondering if that is the only way you can set them up. I'm going to be running the beer from jacketed bright tanks back to the glycol loop behind the bright tanks. They will then run up to the taps at the bar. Can I attach the beer pumps to the wall behind the bright tanks, or will this cause foaming?
    I'm thinking that what I need to do is run the beer lines over to the back bar cooler and have the beer pumps installed in there before running over to the tap towers.
    Any thoughts?


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    Beer pumps

    I know that the Monte Carlo Brewpub here locally in Las Vegas runs just about the same setup you are considering, if I remember correctly. Give them a ring to get an idea of how it works, Im almost sure they are happy with it.
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      How long of a run are we talking about here?


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        I did the exact same set-up (booster pumps behind jacketed brites) in 3 brewpubs in SE Asia heat and they were fine. They ran to 3 stations over 100'.


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          beer pumps

          The run splits to two tap towers and I believe the longest run is 40' at the longest.


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            Beer Run

            I dont think you need to run it to your cooler, putting the pumps on the wall will be fine as long as the beer stays cold in the lines.

            Just to be safe I would insulate the lines between the tanks and the pumps. Try to insulate every inch of the run! In a cold room you dont have to worry about heat and light. Even better, also run a glycol loop all the way up to the serving tank. This is what I have seen done with jacketed servers with success.

            BTW- I envy every brewer who dosent have to work in a walk-in!
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