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Sulfur Aroma with 1056

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  • Sulfur Aroma with 1056

    Anyone had any experience with excess sulfur aroma during ferm using 1056? First 2 days of ferm were fine. Then on third day, massive rotten egg smell. On forth day (today), things smelled slightly better. Never experienced this before with this yeast strain.

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone with similar experiences. what might have caused it (assume no DMS)? Did it clean itself up?

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    I tend to see the Sulfur on 1056 beers when we run a cool ferment. Just let it warm up for a few days after fermentation and it'll scrub itself out.

    If you catch it in time, ramp up the fermentation temp towards the last couple of degrees plato. Might be time to check your temp probes if you weren't attempting a cooler ferment temp.


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      Thanks, Rudge. Pitched at 64ish and temp never rose above 68 (concerned about diacetyl).


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        A brewery in Maine using Chico?

        Why that's Ringwood country!

        Just teasing.

        I used to brew a pseudo lager with Chico, fermenting down as low as 55F. I would sometimes also notice some sulphur, though never as strong as you are describing. It never appeared in any of my other beers, just this one, but always cleared itself out to a low level to unpercievable with proper conditioning. For me this was typically a 21 day or longer cycle.

        Good luck!

        And go 1056 in Vactionland!!!!
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          Ditto on the 1056 sulfur at lower temps, not offensive, but its there during days 2-3 and then is gone just as quick, also get it a bit more when I ferment our spring wheat with it.
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