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    Hi, my mame is Pedro. I live in Brazil and I have been brewing all grain for almost three years. I already sell my beer in small quantities to traditional restaurants in my city. My goal is to put together a complete brewery with a small capacity of 150 liters per batch. My process is in continuous evolution and I hope you pros can help me with that.
    My major concern right now is how to get a good hot break in the kettle. PH, temperature, gravity, and other factors can be ajusted to maximize the hot break and I want to know how do I do it.
    Another concern is what kind of compounds do I need to remove from the wort before adding the yeast. I feel my whirlpool is not doing the job by itself.

    Sorry about the spelling and thanks in advance,


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    Not to sound elitist, but if you dont know the answer to these questions a brewing school would be a good idia. I suggest the American Brewers Guild becuse you can do most of it online.
    In the mean time buy "Malting and Brewing Science" and read both volumes twice.
    Good luck...
    Brewmaster, Minocqua Brewing Company
    "Your results may vary"


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      I do plan on going to a brewing school. But I thought I could get some answers to my current issues while I don´t have the time to do so.



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        Check the homebrew forums at:

        Beer Advocate


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          The most critical aspect to getting a good hot break is a vigouous boil. If your wort merely simmers, forget it. It must jump. Calcium helps, too.


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            For a very quick overview try MBAA web site and a summary of a recent presentation given at a meeting.

            Being from Brazil Portuguese is likely your first language, but if by chance you are more comfortable with Spanish than English, then MBAA also has a brewing book in Spanish.

            All of us started to become a professional at sometime by asking that first question and learning. Good luck.