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Great Dust Vacuum Anyone?

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  • Great Dust Vacuum Anyone?

    I have heard of squirrel cage motors that move about 100 cfm through a plenum. Right now I am noticing dust seepage at various points, mainly the 1) auger downshute into the mill 2) the mill (roskamp 2 row) 3) grist bin after 1600# 4) grist auger.

    Solutions I have come up with so far
    1) for the grain auger out of silo--really sealing this up well, but then the grain begins its decent towards the mill and builds up speed rattling around the galvy tubing we have. I am contemplating a series of 45 dgree elbows such that the grain "spirals" down, rather than "drops" down into the mill

    2) covering the top of the mill with a sheet of cardboard, cutting out a 2" hole, and having a vacuum suck up any dust in gthe fore-mill chamber.

    3) a vent hole out of the grist case with a vacuum on this as well

    4) again a sloping 45 twisting grain entry point into the fore-masher.

    these 45 degree "spirals" work really well for the grain put my vacuum is nothing more than a shop vac. Its dangerous (not rated for explosion) and the filter clogs like crazy. Further the exhaust isn't 100% dust free....suggestions anyone for a top of the line "Grain dust vacuum" without installing a centralized "dust collection system" for an 8,000 sq foot brewery?


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    We've been dealing with John Cassa of ABM Equipment Co. Inc./A-1 Scale Sales & Service in Portland OR on the installation of a grain handling system with dust handler. This would be right up his alley. He's been great to deal with.

    Contact phone: 503-248-0711 <>
    Clarke Pelz
    Cynosure Brewing


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      this guy looks like the fricken man. I wish I contacted him in the beginning, thirteen years ago!!! Thanks for the help. Cheers


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        Grizzly dust collector

        We use a shop dust collector from Grizzly It's what a lot of people use for dust collection in wood shops. It's been pretty effective for us. You could probably use one of the lower HP models (and lower $$). I got this one at a garage sale and we have to choke it back significantly to keep from sucking in grain as well as dust.
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