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  • CarboQC CO2 meter

    Whilst looking through a well-known online auction site, I noticed there is currently an Anton Paar CarboQC listed.

    On checking with the seller, this is a meter we know as it belonged to a one of our service customers; in fact I'm pretty sure we are the 'specialist' the listing mentions as we serviced the meter not that long ago, fitting a new battery pack to it and we also supplied the battery charger that's mentioned.

    The price is quite strong but they're accepting offers so £4k / $6k would be my suggestion!

    These are nice instruments as they measure both CO2 and N2 off the same sample and can also be set up to measure 'air' rather than N2 if required.

    Please don't hesitate to PM me if I can advise any potential buyer.

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    Spoke to the seller today. They have had loads of interest but no offers so I suggested they drop the price...and they have!

    It's now £3950 which is around $6000, so roughly half the price of a new CarboQC.

    I've also done a deal that we will service it for a buyer who's on ProBrewer. If anyone is interested in buying, then feel free to sent me a PM or email and I will put you in touch with the seller.

    Tim Lawrence EngTech MInstMC
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      Surprised to see this is still for sale!

      It's been moved to an auction listing now starting at a a rock-bottom £1950, which works out (according to at under $3000. That's around 25% of the retail price for one of these meters.

      Our pre-delivery offer for a ProBrewer buyer still stands so I hope we'll be seeing it soon.


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        whre is the ksiting?

        I can't find the listing.
        Can you point me to it please?



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          Paul - have sent you a PM.


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            Don - PM sent to you, too!


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              Interesting to note that the person who bought this has now relisted it under a different User ID on that same, well-known auction site...and at a rather higher price than they paid for it!

              It still has our calibration sticker on it, but obviously as we don't know what has been done with it in the meantime, that is not necessarily valid.

              If anyone on ProBrewer is looking to buy it, please contact us first.


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                Anton Paar PFD sampler

                The CarboQC is still for sale...but maybe the appearance of an Anton Paar PFD bottle/can sampling device will help to persuade a buyer?

                Our service client is selling the PFD as they are no longer doing their own bottling. We have checked it over for them and it's in nice condition and new tubing has been fitted all-round as well.

                These unit can accommodate a wide range of bottles & cans and are operated by a compressed gas supply, controlled by a safety lock-out. They can be used as part of a modular system with CarboQC, density meter, alcolyser, etc. to build a complete 'beer analysis' set-up. I believe Anton Paar also have other add-ons for pH and colour, too.

                This time the seller has taken our advice on the price...£1500 is less than half the new cost!

                Again, we're happy to provide help/advice for any potential buyers on Probrewer