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    Looking for positive/negative feedback on DO meters. Anyone ever use Hamilton, Dr. Thiedig DIGOX 6.1 portable, Haffmans or Mettler Toledo? Any information would be great. Thanks


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    I have had experience of most of these (and others too), first from nearly 25 years in QA roles, then specialising in service, calibration & repair of dissolved gases instrumentation, latterly with my own company.

    If you would like to send me a PM I'd be happy to comment & advise. Bear in mind that most meters have strong & weak points, but a lot depends on what you want from one.

    Hope that helps!


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      Different meters will aid in different processes, depends on what you plan to do with it.

      I've worked with the meters Hach provides, specifically the 3100 Orbisphere and their handled "in the field" model, the exact model number is not in my head though. The 3100 is a great for measuring DO in final product, BBT and bottle measurements and reads in ppb. It also can be used to indirectly measure CO2 content by gauging the O2 levels, we currently use it as so after a BBT has been opened for cleaning and measure the the airflow coming out during CO2 purges. I have used the portable model at a previous brewery and was used to to help measure and dial in aeration rates during knock outs and measured in ppm.
      Jason Schlebach
      Pelican Brewing Company
      Tillamook, Oregon