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    I posted a thread in the wrong forum but i have a few questions. I work for a chemical company ready to develop products for the brewing industry. We can most likely develop a single product to replace both your caustic and acid steps and potentially your sanitizing step. If you could tell me what it is your trying to remove I could formulate a product and send it out as samples for you guys to test. all of our products are non dot regulated and non fuming. We would love some feedback from people in the industry. If your interested send me a private message with your contact info and we'll see if we cant make it worth while for you to use our products. Also, our products are 100% biodegradable and carry 0 health hazards.

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    Can such a thing be done?

    The ideal chemical would aggressively attack organic soil, such as crusted-on trub, hop leftovers, and yeast deposits. It would also remove inorganics, such as precipiated CaCO3. And it would sanitize and require no rinsing. I suspect that no such chemical exists, but if you can make one you'll be rich.


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      may I suggest a book chapter in Brewers' Handbook by Ted Goldammer.
      it has some pretty good general infomation on brewery sanitation that you might find useful for developing products for the brewing industry.


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        And while we're dreaming of the ideal... let's make it have no loss of efficacy in a high-concentration CO2 environment.

        For brewpub owners, it should also slice and dice.



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          Ooh! Ooh! And it should work in any temperature and be good for your skin!


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            new product

            While we on the subject, it should be cheap, work in air and Co2 environment,
            reduce the cleaning time by 60%, very safe, accepted by AB before the small
            guys using it, all in all, a good idea.


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              .... and provide 100% of your RDA of fiber!
              "By man's sweat and God's love, beer came into the world" -- St. Arnold of Metz


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                I would like to have a product, well, how about i just call it scrubbing bubbles for heat exchangers. I never want to have to take one apart again, or put it back together.

                ...and how about one that can empy the mash tun!!
                Jeff Byrne