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IBU testing breaking emulsion

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  • IBU testing breaking emulsion

    For those of you that do Spec testing of IBUs using iso-octane, what do you do to break the emulsion? I centrifuge it but sometimes it takes a long time to break. Have any of you tried breaking it with salts or acid?
    Peter Cronin
    Senior Quality Analyst
    AleSmith Brewing Company

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    Try agitating at a slower speed, up your HCL amount slightly, or spinning faster. I do a low and slow vortexing for 15 minutes and get great extraction and most times I dont even need to centrifuge.


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      breaking the emulsion

      I never have any luck with a slow agitation. A vertical shaker works the best and the more vigorous you can do it, the quicker it will emulsify. If it does not separate out in the centrifuge, take a little piece of stainless wire and twirl it around in the top layer only. It will attract "all the crap" like a magnet and you can pull it out of the tube.