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Turned cloudy in Brite

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  • Turned cloudy in Brite

    I've got a 1bbl batch in a Brite tank, that has actually turned cloudy since moving into the Brite tank. Yeast seems to be back into suspension. Sample tasted a bit yeasty.

    After noticing this earlier, I noticed once the glycol chiller shut off I could hear hissing and tank pressure from CO2 has dropped more than it should have in 2 days. I loosened off the fittings and noticed it was rather foamy on top. Pulled a sample from the top of the tank since it was open, significantly less yeast flavour.

    Just wondering is it possible for the bubbles from the stone has been stirring things up enough to keep yeast from settling out? Carb stone is next to the sample port. Or do I have more than just a leaking tank going on?
    Everything re-sealed back under pressure and holding fine.