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    Hey all

    So I work at a medium to large size craft brewery in Denmark and I'm soon going to be taking over a lot of the lab work and would love some advice on how to reduce the time commitment of our current micro program.

    We currently do plates for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (WLD media) and wild yeast (LCS media).

    Given our volumes, it is very time-consuming to make agar, pour plates and then plate each batch 24-48 hours after the start of fermentation, after any cold-side additions, after transfer to BBT and then again in the final package. Never mind routinely checking equipment, lines, yeast tanks etc... Etc...

    I would love to get some advice on alternatives to this. PCR seems like a good choice but I haven't found a protocol/kit or system that really seems to be ideal. Please let me know if anyone has a system they use and like.

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    Depending on your budget and how often you are brewing, it might be simpler to buy pre-poured plates. Sending samples to a lab for agar plate contamination testing is typically only slightly more expensive. Full disclosure, we're a lab that offers testing so we're making fresh agar plates weekly. It makes sense for us based on our volume of plating for uses in addition to testing.