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Milwaukee MW600 Pro Dissolved Oxygen meter

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  • Milwaukee MW600 Pro Dissolved Oxygen meter

    Curious if anyone has used this and in what setting. In the past I have been lucky enough for one of the local regional breweries to come by and lend their very expensive DO meter for a couple hours. However I am looking to tackle these lab tasks on my own and unfortunately my budget is small. Is the MW600 Pro worth it?

    I recognize this unit does not hook up to a sample port so I am theorizing that if I pull a sample into a beaker it's going to pick up a ton of oxygen and therefore my readings will be inaccurate for what is inside the FV or brite. Or am I incorrect and this will give me a good ballpark DO reading despite the sample being pulled from the sample port?

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    That meter only measures PPM. The only time it is applicable in the brewery is measuring your wort knockout oxygenation. Measuring FV/BBT samples requires a meter that can read in PPB.